Friday, February 3, 2017

Poe is Over Taught

Anyone who knows me (or my writing) I crave Gothic literature. It is my bread and butter and the air I breath.

For the last month, I've been teaching English at the local high school. As of this week, I am officially a teacher for the remainder of the school year.
Dance with me?!

Today, I get to teach my number one all time favorite subject! Gothic Literature. However, I am a little cranky because I have to do it through Edgar Allen Poe. Let me rephrase, I have to do it through "The Raven" and "The Fall of the House of Usher."

How boring can that be. I say Poe and everyone in the classroom groans. You know why?! Because he is over taught. Why can't we use some of my favorite short stories like "Wake not the Dead" or "The Mysterious Stranger" or even John Polodori's Vampyre? I know, I know. It's because they are not American. Honestly, the students are going to read them and be more interested because they are new!

Please, don't misinterpret what I'm saying. The school I work for is absolutely amazing. I'm sure the principal would be fine with me teaching it however I wanted as long as they get the material and understand the concepts. I am blaming our American education system (and now you are rolling your eyes) for being written by people who don't always take the time to understand the subject matter or the audience. Or that there may be more than one way to teach something.

Let me explain it another way. Our goal as educators is to build well rounded people who can walk out our school doors and be wonderful functioning adults that continue to grow into the best people society has to offer. It is exciting to see that we are teaching all ends of the language spectrum, but why hasn't the creator of this educational system noticed the blatant redundancies? If a student does not like a subject, a topic matter, an author... they are not going to get the  most from it. Let's shake it up a bit and include some other writers from this genre!

I guess I may just be a little more upset than necessary because I'm not teaching Gothic Lit from a vampire view... On that note, I think I am going to order 60 copies of "Dracula's Guest."

Friday, November 11, 2016

Gilmore Girls Planner!!

With the Gilmore Girls Revival just a few weeks away, I thought I would completely neglect my children, my husband and basically the whole world around me and make a fantastic coffee/Gilmore Girls centered planner pack! Well, it's fantabulous! I love it! Check it out!

I have just released it to Etsy as a digital download. Sadly, I am still unable to print these stickers myself as my printer absolutely hates me. I finally bought ink and sticker paper, but the paper just feeds in the top and shoots back out the bottom. Yes, Murphy's Law is truly biting me in the ass this week.

Anyway, hop over and check it out! don't forget to use the blogger coupon code for 25% off!


Monday, November 7, 2016

Muggle Force Coupon!

As is typical in the life of Tori, I have found a new distraction in what I am loosely terming graphic design. Yes, I am creating designs on my computer but I feel that I am shaming the world of true designers by labeling myself as one.

Makenzie says OH YEAH. mean kid!

I know. I know. Point please? So with this new Etsy store and my obsession, I have been tied to my computer in a way that makes readers sad. To make it up to you, I'd like to offer a coupon! 

No catch, I just want you to love my designs as much as I've loved making them! Though I would not be upset if you shared your use of them with me on Instagram!!!

Coupon Code!!



I have set the code to expire next Monday night! Head over and see what's what or wait a few days for new things to appear! Happy Shopping Nerds!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Muggle Force

The last time we lived in Pennsylvania, I tried my hand at an Etsy shop. It wasn't such a bad deal. I sat at my sewing machine for a few hours a day sewing dresses and sold them online. I was even able to make a few dollars at it.Then my three children and I moved back to Texas leaving the husband behind. With everything I had going on, it was just too hard to keep up the shop and within a few weeks, I disbanded it.

Now, I'm back in Pennsylvania and (not so patiently) awaiting transcripts that will allow me to get back to work. With three kids in school, I thought I should open a new shop and add some of the prints I have floating around my computer to it. We will see how it goes, right?

Muggle Force on Etsy

 What do you think of the name? It's a play on two of the biggest Fandoms that exist in my home. That being said, the first item posted is Dr. Who related! Please, check it out and tell me what you think. I promise, there will be plenty to come!