Thursday, October 2, 2014


I clearly have not been keeping up with blog as I promised in its creation. I will simply say, life in the Red House is crazy... just as always. When I started this school year, I was determined to stay home during the day while my kids went off to school. That was supposed to give me time to cook, clean, write... You know, all those things Mom must do around working. Then I realized, that's not how my mind works. I just felt guilty sitting here all day while everyone else was working or at school. It made me feel like a less functional part of society. Yes, by all means, shake your head. I know I'm being ridiculous.

Anyway, to the point. I got a job. I am currently subbing in the local schools as a paraprofessional. In other words, I work under the resource teacher while she fights to be sure all her special babies are cared for throughout the day.  What I expected to be an occasional need has become a full time job! At the end of the day, I am exhausted. Some days are much easier than others. Some hours, as a matter of fact, can be flat out boring.

So, now instead of feeling horrible because I'm sitting home while everyone else is out, I feel even worse because my house is dirty and I'm too tired to care. How silly that sounds written out. Either you want to sit home and care for your home and family, or you want to work and help support all the little ones who need it!

In this conundrum and personal self-attack, I came across this article floating around Facebook. Of course, I clicked it. I mean, did dinner really need to be cooked?

This mom, Chaunie Brusie, said it perfectly. Being a stay home mom really does wonders for your family. It can be just as hectic and insane as the life as a working mom, but either way, there are sacrifices. As Mom, we just have to weigh said sacrifices and decide which way tips the scale to everyone's benefit!

That being said, it has just occurred to me that the littlest has homework and soccer this evening. That means, time to close the computer and return to my duty. (and yes that makes me think of Wreck in Ralph every time!!!)