Sunday, August 31, 2014

September $229 Giveaway

229 giveaway
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

First Day of School!

What I planned to do today.
I had big plans today. I was going to work out, clean the garage, finish grouting a shower, maybe even read a book. Now, it's only 11:30 and I have managed to accomplished a few of those (thank you Jillian Micheals) but I'm an emotional wreck, so I thought I would just give you a stream of consciousness post.

As a mother, you wait for years for all of your kids to be in school and to have a few hours of peace, right? So explain why I've spent much of my day in tears? Because I feel as if an extremity has been ripped from me and displaced on the other side of town. Yes, I understand they need the socialization. I understand that I'm scatterbrained and can't focus to teach them day after day. I am even happy for the twenty minutes I will shower today without a search party running from one end of the house to the other! I am just not really sure what I'm supposed to do with eight hours? I could stare at Ian Somerhalder for a few hours (don't tell my husband) or write a book...
Reality strikes.
...and yes that would be my workout mat strewn across the
brown paper that came inside the box of books I ordered. I
used to wonder why moms with school age kids still never
had time to meet for coffee. I totally get it and it's only the
first day of school!!

Never mind. There is my husband now with a few requests for my day... Silly me. There is always something to do when your job is to care for four other people, two dogs, a cat and a house.

If you would like a signed copy of Taken, I have ten here! simply comment below with a contact email! OR... enter for a freebie above. the giveaway ends Sunday!



Never a dull moment in my house! After a day of keeping myself busy and occuppied, I received a call around 3 that my middle fell off the playground equipment. Of course! When I picked her up from school, the nurse was worried she may have broken the elbow she landed on. 

After two hours at the doctor and x-rays, it doesn't appear to be broken! She just has to keep it in a sling for a few days to keep from irritating it further. After I deposited her at home with her Daddy, I was blessed with the challenge of finding a pediatric sling in our little town. Lucky for me, the one medical pharmacy in town carries Charlie Brown print slings. And now we come to the climax of my story... She refused to wear it. A piece of zebra print fabric and some spray adhesive and she's a happy camper.

Did I mention it's her left arm? And that she's a lefty? I hope her second day of school isn't so exciting!

And so ends my story. A day of feeling bad because everyone is off and productive ends in me being put to good use. Well, me, the school nurse, the doctor, the x-ray tech... you get the point.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Saturday Morning.

Considering this is the last weekend before the chitlins go back to school, I considered doing something fun. A museum, a zoo, maybe a picnic but since mother nature thinks it is necessary to hit us with 100 degree days, I am going to curl up on my couch with way too much coffee and read a book or two.

As a lover of books, I don't really have as much time to read as I let on. So, try not to judge when you see my Goodreads Reading Challenge! Yes, that does say I've only read 3 books this year. I would like to say there is no way that's right, but it all honesty, it probably is. If I added in Dr. Seuss and leveled readers, we'd probably be well above that...

Just know, I raise kids to be better readers than myself. Take a look at nerdy's challenge (and I believe half the books she reads aren't even available on Goodreads yet!)

How does your challenge compare? Copy and paste a link to your Goodreads Reading Challenge in the comments. While you're there, go ahead and friend me!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's my birthday!!!

birthday animated GIF
image courtesy:giphy
Because I am in such a special birthday mood, I would like to give away some presents. I know, it's backwards but I figure if I give other people presents, maybe my clock will turn backward a year instead of forward? Don't be judgy. One can hope.

So entry is easy.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

  Happy Birthday and Happy Reading!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lestat? Yes, please.

Interview with the Vampire (1976)
The Vampire Lestat (1985)
The Queen of the Damned (1988)
The Tale of the Body Thief (1992)
Memnoch the Devil (1995)
The Vampire Armand (1998)
Merrick (2000)
Blood and Gold (2001)
Blackwood Farm (2002)
Blood Canticle (2003)
 I have been reading a lot of classics lately. The Hobbit. Northanger Abbey. Agnes Grey. You get the point, and I've just been craving something a little more... recent. Don't misunderstand me. I love classic British Literature. It can just be a bit daunting at times, what with kids running here and there screaming for attention and my own characters fighting to work through their current block.

With Prince Lestat hitting the shelves October 28, I figured it was time to finish reading The Vampire Chronicles. Currently, I have read through The Vampire Armand though I will admit that particular story took me about three years. It is just so intense and if you know anything of Armand's story, you know he was turned very young after having an unnatural relationship with Marius.

As far as Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampires, it's mindless. The story sucks you in and holds you without too much extra thought. I don't find myself looking up words or googling historic events. I just get to read!

What's on your current reading list? Is there a particular vampire series that you love the most?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Giveaway... Free signed copy!

It's 8am Sunday Morning and my fears are coming true! A giveaway that started Friday at noon only has one entry and it's set to end at midnight tonight!! How about a teaser? Will that boost interest? Janie's taking? That's my favorite too.


      “God Damn it, Landon!” Adrenaline amped Landon’s post coital mood causing him to drive his little yellow truck in a way that would make Kyle Busch jealous. Well, the adrenaline and Janie’s squealing.

        “Lighten up Janie, I just want to remember that squeal of yours.”

        “Lighten up! You’re joking, right. When you have to explain why your truck is wrapped around a light post-“

        “Seriously Janie. When have I even come close to an accident?”

        “There’s a first time for everything, butthead.”

        “Fine. I’m sorry. I promise I will be a good boy.” Landon looked to Janie to find large swells of tears streaming down her face. “Why are you crying? I am only going to be two hours away. We already discussed this. You can catch the train up or I will drive down. If all else fails, we can meet halfway somewhere.”

        “I know, but I worry. New school means new fish. What makes you think we will last through this?”

        “You are being ridiculous. It’s not like we just started dating a few weeks or even months ago, Janie. We have known each other since kindergarten and have been exclusive since sixth grade. Like wolves.”

        “Penguins. You’re right. It’s only two hours.” Janie leaned across the truck and kissed Landon on the cheek before getting out of the truck. As usual, Landon was nearly out of sight before the squeak of the front gate. Had he known what lurked in the bushes, he would not have left so quickly.

        Janie managed to slip past the blare of the television and up to her room before the true water works began. By the time she reached her bed and stuffed her face into the pillow, the heaving sobs had completely consumed her petite frame. Pity and depression shook her to the very core. The future was already looking dark and dim.

        Though she immediately felt abandoned by her longtime boyfriend, truth be told, she was also overly jealous. Why had she been born into such a hateful home?

        As she fought with all her might to control her ridiculous blubbering, an eerie feeling crept over the room. Every hair on her body stood straight up. Slowly sitting upright proved to be a challenge as each muscle tightened. Swearing she saw movement in the corner caused Janie to flee to the bathroom across the hall. Might as well shower while I hide.

        The steam flowed over the shower curtain warming and fogging the small bathroom. Dropping the days creased and wrinkled clothes into a pile at her feet, Janie stepped into the shower; immediately soothed by the hot water as it ran down her bare back.

        Ratel pulled back the shower curtain just far enough to reveal himself. What he didn’t expect was the immediate male response to the young girl’s posture. With her eyes closed and her back arched under the steaming water, Ratel mustered all his immortal strength to keep control of his sexual impulses. “You were perfectly right, young one. A shower was just what we needed.”

        “What are you doing in my bathroom? Are you-”


        “Please, child. It’s best you don’t ask questions.” Ratel gently ran his frigid hand over her quickly warming body reveling in the tingles pulsing through his body as a result of the touch. Tension quickly filled the air as Janie fought back the urge to scream aloud. Wrapping one arm around her naked waist and the other around her mouth, Ratel whispered into her ear, “I know how badly you want to scream but you and I both know how that will end. Either way, I have not yet made my decision.”

        Ratel slowly slid his hands from Janie’s mouth and waist, allowing them to flutter to just the right places. Places that would send them both into a tizzy had the conditions been right.

        Slightly out of breath, Janie asked, “What is it you want from me?”

        “I have already answered that. Finish please.” The tension was nearly more than he could bear. Each minute quiver of her heart reverberated through the predator’s hardened organ. That coupled with the increasing intensity of her quickening pulse put Ratel on edge.

        Janie had barely turned the water off before he took her into his arms, naked and dripping. The steam rising from her body filtered through Ratel’s thin black t-shirt, melting the bitter ice his undead body had become. “I would apologize, but you are everything I fantasize about.” With that said, Ratel sunk his elongated fangs deep into Janie’s soft, innocent flesh reveling in the sweetness of Janie’s youth before swallowing down. He had her right where he wanted; comatose and unable to fight back. Women are best silent and lacking emotion.

        What to do? You would make a gorgeous submissive vampire servant but your blood is just so tasty. To throw you into a grave blood intact or to dump you into the river, that is the true question. Either way, your disappearance will be quite the addition to the Anderson troubles! Might as well enjoy myself before making the decision!

        Ratel took another long pull from Janie’s neck. Suppressed hatred laced the luscious blood accentuating the already sadistic instincts deep within Ratel’s hateful being. Still unsure what to do with the girl, he flipped her over his shoulder like a ragdoll, bound from the second story bathroom window and disappeared into the trees beyond. 

Do I have your attention? I sure hope so... Now how about you enter my giveaway. It's pretty simple. Grab the book closest to you, open to page 45 and comment the first three words on the page. Once that's finished, share the giveaway link:   

Time's ticking... Hurry along.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Give Away

Have you seen this picture floating around the internet? I think I may have commented on it about three times with random books near me, you know since wherever I go, so does a pile of books. I have to say, a Dr. Seuss response would be hilarious... but since I am to lazy to walk up the stairs to Aidan's shelf to find one, I will settle for a Roald Dahl. And thank you for not failing me. Hilarious! "is making noises" from the BFG makes me immediately think of my favorite son. He's at that age where fart noises make him laugh hysterically.

There is nothing

Ok, so the point? I am hosting my very first give away contest!!! woohoo, right? I am going to give away a signed copy of Taken to the person that gets the most likes on their comment. All you have to do is find your closest book (or the closest book with a funny three words starting page 45), visit me on Facebook, comment and share the post! It doesn't get easier than that.

Share the link:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I don't fish.
As summer vacation comes to an end, I realize how crazy this summer has been. With swim meets, gymnastics, softball lessons, t-ball, and remodeling to top it all off, I understand exactly why my literary life has been utterly stagnant. Yes, I edited and updated Taken in ebook and print. I have read maybe a dozen books. I've even helped my own nerdy kid set up her blog: Book-Attic.

I was hoping to write a sequel, like that was going to happen! While it is far from complete, it is still very much in the works. Bear with me, the kids go back to school soon! Then I will be pounding away at the keyboard! Hopefully more so in Microsoft Word than Twitter!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A glimpse into my mind.

I woke up this morning with a story already writing itself in my mind. Once the husband was out the door and I was showered, I put fingers to keyboard. This is what came out. It's unedited. Honestly, I haven't even gone back and read it. Maybe I will get to that today, maybe I won't.


“Marcos has reassembled.”
It was four in the afternoon. I still had three hours before my shift was set to start. Why was this daylight hunter calling me?
“I don’t think you understand.”
The voice on the other side wasn’t wrong. I had no idea why it was necessary to wake me from an already fitful sleep to tell me something I’d been warning them about for months.
“If you don’t get here, there is no telling how many will die.”
Again, I’m not sure what I had to do with any of this. I didn’t have the magic wand to send him back into banishment.
“He’s been asking for you. He says he is going to start killing ten humans an hour until you show up.”
Marcos always knew how to get under my skin. “How? Is he not stuck inside?”
“Yes, he is. When we first heard he’d returned, the whole unit ran over here. Two hours ago, the neighborhood was vacant. Not a soul could be seen. It was eerie. Over the last hour or so, people have just popped up. They are standing in the street staring at the house.”
“He’s beckoned them.”
“It appears so.”
“Send me an address.”
It didn’t take long to climb out of bed and dress. Lucky for them, I’d showered after my workout this morning. The address wasn’t far. Just on the other side of the railroad tracks. As I pulled onto the street, I knew I was in the right place. Entranced people were everywhere. Some stared at the house with a twisted smile on their face. Others sitting on the ground rocking back and forth.
I was forced to park my car. The second I stepped out of it, I heard the voice. This one had gall. He might as well have been speaking through a megaphone, his broadcast was so strong.
The human cattle-call stopped at the property line.
I stepped up beside the daylighter. “We have to stop meeting like this.”
“We don’t have time for jokes,” she growled. “This is serious.”
“I can see that. Why haven’t you made your men visible? How do you plan to hold off the humans if they can’t see you?”
“I hoped when you arrived, he would let down his broadcast.”
Maniacal laughter filled the air. One could only be so lucky. Every human took one step forward. Would you like to play chicken?
“I’m here, Marcos. What is it you want.”
“I can’t grant that and you know it.”
The crowd took another step forward.
“I believe it’s time to see your men.”
Jane nodded her head and instantly, dozens of black clad men could be seen lining standing face to face with the front of the crowd. Behind them, another ring of strangely dressed men and women stood with their hands held toward the sky, muttering under their breath.
“The force is up.”
One by one, humans began to drop from their entrancement and turn away. Jane and I entered the force, weaving through the defenders and the witches. “Why can’t they dress normally? The wonder why we insist they be unseen but when we need them, they show up wearing such odd clothing. Everyone within view must know something’s up.”
“Now is not the time.”
I couldn’t help a grin. “Fine.”
“You knew we weren’t going to grant you freedom, Marcos. I brought the nightwalker. Now what do you really want.”
Just to be reunited once more with my brother.
Jane turned to me with that look I’d been dreading. The one of astonishment.  “Your brother?”
He didn’t tell you?
“Yes, Jane. My brother. Have you never wondered why I have spent my life fighting vampires? I watched him turned. There was nothing I could do for him. Once he was banished, I turned my efforts to cleaning the world of them.”
Such a pesky little brother.
Jane let out a scream and fell to the ground. I knew she was dead. My brother always had a way of taking from me what matters most. It was time for my men to show themselves.