Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Raising children???

My husband and I, even after thirteen years, are very much like night and day on every subject possible. I think the only thing we can agree on at all is our love for our children. That being said, he does make me a better person. When he criticizes, I may give a sarcastic, quick witted answer, but I also ponder those words.
While watching an old episode of Criminal Minds last night, he says, "You should watch this episode. Maybe it will give you some inspiration for you book." I looked up from my iPad and shrugged. He says, "I guess you aren't really writing it anymore" and goes back to watching quietly. 

That seemingly innocent observation stung like a wasp. A big red one! 

He's right, I have not been devoting much time to writing. Instead, I've been paying attention to my children! Landon and Katrina tug at my mind a good majority of the day. They want their story written just as much as I yearn to write it. However, my children are alive and real (forgive me for using the r word) and they need me to continue to mold them into people. Landon and Katrina can be put on hold. I promise someday I will get to finish their story. I just feel that I have more important things on my plate right now.
 It may be safe to say, I have a self inflicted writer's block. I have allowed my children to block my characters from speaking to me! I also blame George R.R. Martin. If he would have written shorter books... Let's just say, I am loving his writing! 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Short and Sweet! Happy Summer!

I am so happy to announce that my summer begins today! It's been a long six weeks of daily swim practices, sometimes biweekly baseball practices not to mention games, meets and gymnastics to boot. Ok, now that I've written that all out, I realize we still have two days of baseball and gymnastics lasts another two weeks. Either way, swim team is over!

Who cares? Don't be shy; I know that's what you're thinking. 

I care. That means I can sit in my little prison of a writing room and do just that WRITE. Well, for a few hours a day. Summer does still mean kids and kids are only little once.

Wait. So why am I wasting my time here? Not that I have anything but love for the token few who are even aware I have a blog, I need to write so I can bring you the next chapter in Landon and Katrina's life! I know, I know. And Draco and Emily. And all those other pairs who are fighting for both each other and to save the world... (see what I did there? Now, you're curious to know who these people are, aren't you!)

Read for Free! 

Off to Write I go!!!