Monday, July 6, 2015

Short and Sweet! Happy Summer!

I am so happy to announce that my summer begins today! It's been a long six weeks of daily swim practices, sometimes biweekly baseball practices not to mention games, meets and gymnastics to boot. Ok, now that I've written that all out, I realize we still have two days of baseball and gymnastics lasts another two weeks. Either way, swim team is over!

Who cares? Don't be shy; I know that's what you're thinking. 

I care. That means I can sit in my little prison of a writing room and do just that WRITE. Well, for a few hours a day. Summer does still mean kids and kids are only little once.

Wait. So why am I wasting my time here? Not that I have anything but love for the token few who are even aware I have a blog, I need to write so I can bring you the next chapter in Landon and Katrina's life! I know, I know. And Draco and Emily. And all those other pairs who are fighting for both each other and to save the world... (see what I did there? Now, you're curious to know who these people are, aren't you!)

Read for Free! 

Off to Write I go!!!