Monday, October 17, 2016

Muggle Force

The last time we lived in Pennsylvania, I tried my hand at an Etsy shop. It wasn't such a bad deal. I sat at my sewing machine for a few hours a day sewing dresses and sold them online. I was even able to make a few dollars at it.Then my three children and I moved back to Texas leaving the husband behind. With everything I had going on, it was just too hard to keep up the shop and within a few weeks, I disbanded it.

Now, I'm back in Pennsylvania and (not so patiently) awaiting transcripts that will allow me to get back to work. With three kids in school, I thought I should open a new shop and add some of the prints I have floating around my computer to it. We will see how it goes, right?

Muggle Force on Etsy

 What do you think of the name? It's a play on two of the biggest Fandoms that exist in my home. That being said, the first item posted is Dr. Who related! Please, check it out and tell me what you think. I promise, there will be plenty to come!