Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A glimpse into my mind.

I woke up this morning with a story already writing itself in my mind. Once the husband was out the door and I was showered, I put fingers to keyboard. This is what came out. It's unedited. Honestly, I haven't even gone back and read it. Maybe I will get to that today, maybe I won't.


“Marcos has reassembled.”
It was four in the afternoon. I still had three hours before my shift was set to start. Why was this daylight hunter calling me?
“I don’t think you understand.”
The voice on the other side wasn’t wrong. I had no idea why it was necessary to wake me from an already fitful sleep to tell me something I’d been warning them about for months.
“If you don’t get here, there is no telling how many will die.”
Again, I’m not sure what I had to do with any of this. I didn’t have the magic wand to send him back into banishment.
“He’s been asking for you. He says he is going to start killing ten humans an hour until you show up.”
Marcos always knew how to get under my skin. “How? Is he not stuck inside?”
“Yes, he is. When we first heard he’d returned, the whole unit ran over here. Two hours ago, the neighborhood was vacant. Not a soul could be seen. It was eerie. Over the last hour or so, people have just popped up. They are standing in the street staring at the house.”
“He’s beckoned them.”
“It appears so.”
“Send me an address.”
It didn’t take long to climb out of bed and dress. Lucky for them, I’d showered after my workout this morning. The address wasn’t far. Just on the other side of the railroad tracks. As I pulled onto the street, I knew I was in the right place. Entranced people were everywhere. Some stared at the house with a twisted smile on their face. Others sitting on the ground rocking back and forth.
I was forced to park my car. The second I stepped out of it, I heard the voice. This one had gall. He might as well have been speaking through a megaphone, his broadcast was so strong.
The human cattle-call stopped at the property line.
I stepped up beside the daylighter. “We have to stop meeting like this.”
“We don’t have time for jokes,” she growled. “This is serious.”
“I can see that. Why haven’t you made your men visible? How do you plan to hold off the humans if they can’t see you?”
“I hoped when you arrived, he would let down his broadcast.”
Maniacal laughter filled the air. One could only be so lucky. Every human took one step forward. Would you like to play chicken?
“I’m here, Marcos. What is it you want.”
“I can’t grant that and you know it.”
The crowd took another step forward.
“I believe it’s time to see your men.”
Jane nodded her head and instantly, dozens of black clad men could be seen lining standing face to face with the front of the crowd. Behind them, another ring of strangely dressed men and women stood with their hands held toward the sky, muttering under their breath.
“The force is up.”
One by one, humans began to drop from their entrancement and turn away. Jane and I entered the force, weaving through the defenders and the witches. “Why can’t they dress normally? The wonder why we insist they be unseen but when we need them, they show up wearing such odd clothing. Everyone within view must know something’s up.”
“Now is not the time.”
I couldn’t help a grin. “Fine.”
“You knew we weren’t going to grant you freedom, Marcos. I brought the nightwalker. Now what do you really want.”
Just to be reunited once more with my brother.
Jane turned to me with that look I’d been dreading. The one of astonishment.  “Your brother?”
He didn’t tell you?
“Yes, Jane. My brother. Have you never wondered why I have spent my life fighting vampires? I watched him turned. There was nothing I could do for him. Once he was banished, I turned my efforts to cleaning the world of them.”
Such a pesky little brother.
Jane let out a scream and fell to the ground. I knew she was dead. My brother always had a way of taking from me what matters most. It was time for my men to show themselves.