Monday, January 19, 2015

Change your life.

I suffer from a truly horrid negativity more days than not. I get this feeling like the world is going to crash down around me and I'm not going to crawl from the rubble with enough vigor to save my own life. Maybe it's just a result of today's world where books like Hunger Games and Divergent take the population by storm. Maybe it's just our inability as a society to take responsibility for ourselves.

Think about it. Each day, our world comes a step closer to being one of our favorite dystopian novels. We spend more of our energy criticizing others for their choices than we do considering our own. We suppress others for being exactly who they want to be because we are too worried how others will accept us.

It's time for a change. 

The time has come for each person to reach inside and find what makes her own personal world turn. Make yourself happy and other will follow. Show the world that happiness truly is contagious. It's not your outward appearance that matters, but what's in your heart.

Only you control your happiness.

The rest of my life starts today. Today, I will make an attempt to smile more. Today, I will learn how to ask for the things I need and not yell at people for not doing them. Today, I will not yell.

What will you do?